Sorry, we are just another COVID victim


As a result of the new COVID19 rules in place for Western Australian companies, we are  unfortunately indirectly forced to shut down our

  • Perth delivery service (by the end of 2021)
  • Perth Markets at Bayswater and Palmyra (by the end of 2021)
  • this online shop, just launched a few weeks ago in November 2021

However, we might have a chance to be back one day with a different setup.

The full story in short

Mr Organic started in 1976 as the first organic retailer, offering organic deliveries in Perth and to Exmouth, and running 2 markets at Bayswater and Palmyra.


In 2019, Sarah & Tom took over Mr Organic about 2 weeks before WA’s first lockdown.
Yep, that was not the best timing.
Since then we have been fighting to keep this great project alive.


With the new COVID 19 rules in place for Western Australian companies, we find ourselves in a position where we

  • lose nearly all of our employees
  • and are losing many of our customers.

Unfortunately this makes it impossible for us to continue our services.