About us / our Mission

Mr Organic is now shipping
Our journey has
just begun !

Founded in 1976 in Perth, WA, Mr Organic was Perth’s first organic produce supplier.

In October 2021, Mr Organic has launched this new website and now ships organic and environmentally friendly products to the whole of Australia.

We are passionate about

  • organic food,
  • regenerative farming,
  • environmental sustainability,
  • environmentally friendly packaging,
  • reducing plastic
  • and customer service,

seeing what we do as an important link between the community and the producers of their food.

We buy in bulk where we can and pack the products in sustainable packaging.

The majority of our products are Certified Organic (CO) or have Organic Ingredients (OI).
We also offer natural products when we are not able to source a certified organic variant or when the price for the CO product is far too high.

We source as locally as possible with many of the products sourced from Australia.

Our goals

  • Provide environmentally friendly quality products
  • Offer fair prices
  • Support organic farmers and producers
  • Avoid plastic wherever possible
  • Reuse materials (including plastic)
  • Provide safe jobs
  • Support people in need
  • And of course, to serve you well !
We hope that you support us on our journey towards becoming an Australia wide sustainable organic company who wants to make a difference.

Tom, Sarah & the Mr Organic Team