Order deadline

Our order deadline is Wednesday midnight for delivery that coming Friday or Saturday. Orders placed after the deadline will be delivered the following Friday and Saturday.

First Time Customers

We will contact you Thursday via email with further delivery & order information.

Payment Options
  • You will be asked to enter card details when you place an order. Payment will ONLY be charged on the day of delivery to ensure you only pay for what you receive.
  • The invoice total may change if there are unavailable items at the time your order is packed or if the market price of items varies.
  • Your invoice will be enclosed in your box of produce.

Please see our delivery page for details about delivery times and fees. See our delivery areas page to see if your suburb is listed.

Delivery to Gated Premises

We can deliver to gated premises but you must be home during the delivery time frame we specify and you must be contactable by phone. Please make a note on your order if you live in a gated premise so that our driver will know to contact you. Orders cannot be left outside a locked complex. If you have supplied us with an incorrect phone number or address and/or are unable to give us entry at time of delivery, you will still be charged for your order.

Why are items missing from my order

Organic produce is limited in availability; high demand and relatively few growers means that we can’t always get the quantities we require. Quarantine procedures also mean that produce which is coming from the Eastern states may get delayed and not be available at the time your order is packed. As such the earlier you place an order the more likely you are to receive all of your requested items. We pack our orders based on first in first choice.

Packaging Options
  • Your produce is delivered in a recycled paper lined produce box. In summer months, please leave a cooler bag & ice block out if you ordered any pantry items that require refrigeration. Alternatively, you can request your order to be packed in a Styrofoam box, cooler block not included.
  • Please note: we do occasionally pack items in plastic bags. These are either biodegradable bags OR bags that have come wrapped around produce we receive.
  • Any delivery instructions/ requests can be placed in the notes section when you order.
Set up a recurring order

Take the hassle out of remembering to place your order on time. Email or phone us to set up a weekly or fortnightly recurring order. Cancel at anytime.

Visit our market stall

Visit us every Sunday at the Palmyra Western Farmers Market 8am – 12noon.

Refunds and Returns

Please note that we do not accept returns. If you receive an item which you feel is of poor quality please contact us immediately, we are happy to  offer a refund or credit should we deem it necessary. We pack each order individually in order to ensure the quality of produce but also understand that it is possible for items to miss the notice of our packers.

Login or Password problems

If you have any problems with logging in to Mr Organic or wish to change your Password, please email us at info@mrorganic.com.au with your username and any concerns or issues you may have.