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Seasonal Mixed Fruit & Vegetable Boxes



Mixed boxes are a great way to receive value for money.
They contain a mix of Certified Organic, Biodynamic and pesticide free fruit& vegetables.


What is in your box ?
We select for you items that are most abundant and provide best value for money depending on produce price, availability and abundance.
Depending on the size of the box, the box contain for example paw paw, apple, orange, avocados, onion, potato, sweet potato, capsicum, zucchini, greens, root veggies, pumpkin& tomatoes.


Available box sizes

  • Small: best for singles and couples
  • Medium: best for couples & small families
  • Large: best for families with two adults and 2 children
  • X-Large: best for big families


Please leave a note if you want only organic certified produce or have special wishes or needs.

Contact us if you would like to set up a weekly or fortnightly re-occurring mixed box order. Cancel at any time.


Please note: Our mixed boxes change each week- depending on produce price, availability and abundance.