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Stain Remover Powder from Hannah, 150g

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Stain Remover Powder from Hannah, 150g

Spray, sprinkle or soak! Effectively remove stains from your hannahPADs (and other garments) while being gentle on the organic cotton fibres, your skin and the environment.

  • Perfect for period undies, cloth pads, cloth nappies & other garment
  • Zero toxins on skin with a non-irritating formula
  • 3 uses:
    • Use directly on stains
    • Create a liquid spray (makes 7.5 litres)
    • Use as a soaker
  • Natural water softener
  • Add to wash cycle to enhance laundry detergent efficacy
  • No bulking agents, surfactants, fragrance, optical brighteners, or phosphates
  • Use for blood, sweat, poo, oil, fat, dirt, mud, chocolate & more
  • Comes in a 150g home compostable pouch

One active ingredient

Sodium Sesquicarbonate (Sodium bicarbonate + sodium carbonate)

Origin: Made in UK, packed in Australia

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