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WA Jarrah Honey, 500g (Fewster’s Farm)

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Certified organic Jarrah Honey from the Fewster’s Farm, 500g Glass Jar

Manuka Honey Vs Jarrah Honey – The Benefits of Medicinal Honey

Improve your health in the most delicious way possible! There are many benefits of Jarrah honey which are comparable to products such as Active Manuka, Manuka Honey USA and Medi Honey – all often used to treat diabetes, acne and other diseases.
Jarrah honey has 50% higher microbial activity when compared with other types of medicinal honey. Jarrah honey has a low glucose, high fructose content and has been found to contain elevated levels of Butyric Acid, along with pre-biotics and pro-biotics.
This may make Jarrah honey a good natural compliment to other treatments for ailments like stomach issues, acne, diabetes, bad breath.

*Please consult your healthcare professional before using any honey for medicinal purposes.

Pure Jarrah honey is less likely to crystallise than most other honeys. It has a wonderful caramel like flavor and a beautiful dark golden color.

High in Medicinal and Bioactive Anti-Oxidants

Anti-oxidant capacity in honey is often indicated by the color of the honey – the darker the honey the more anti-oxidant properties it is likely to have.
Due to its high antioxidant levels, Jarrah honey may support active skin cell renewal and stimulate collagen and elastin production, along with fighting acne.
According to the National Cancer Institute of Australia, foods with high antioxidant levels fight free radicals that attack healthy cells.

Hydrogen peroxide as an active compound

Jarrah honey’s high activity is produced by hydrogen peroxide forming enzymes added to the honey by the bees. The hydrogen peroxide in honey is at a very low concentration and is like a ‘slow release’ antiseptic.
Low Glucose and High Fructose Jarrah Honey
Fructose is absorbed more slowly and evenly than glucose, which means that it is perfect for endurance training and athletics. There is even evidence by the creators of the Hibernation Diet – Mike and Stuart McInnes – that foods with a high fructose content, such as a medicinal bioactive honey like Jarrah honey, help to burn fat while you sleep, and increase stamina as a result. This may also aid diseases such as diabetes. High fructose gives Jarrah honey a lower Glycaemic Index (GI) than most other honeys. Jarrah honey has approximately 52% fructose, 22% glucose and 0.3% sucrose.
Jarrah honey has a low percentage of glucose.
Low glycaemic foods are known to reduce insulin response in the body and to improve blood cholesterol levels, which is particularly important as you age.
The high fructose, low glucose levels in Jarrah Honey results in a honey that is less likely to crystallize.

Stomach Health

Jarrah honey has been found to be

  • very good for stomach health
  • to have an elevated content of Butyric acid and high amounts of pre-biotics and pro-biotics

Butyric acid is a substance that may lower the risk of colon cancer.
Jarrah honey may also help to heal stomach ulcers caused by helicobacter pylori.*

Disease Free

Only Western Australia protects its state forests and vigorously enforces strict quarantine controls for apiary products that are brought from overseas or interstate.
This is the primary reason why WA is the only place in the world that is free from pests and diseases.
No insecticides or pesticides are used on the hives.

If you’re looking for a natural way to compliment your treatment of many health conditions why not give Jarrah honey a try.
*Please consult your healthcare professional before using honey for any medicinal purposes.

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