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Walnut Oil from WA – 250ml



A great unrefined cold pressed walnut oil from WA. Produced by Omega Walnuts, Manjimup, WA

Cold pressing preserves the natural flavour and health benefits of the oil.
With all the amazing discoveries research is uncovering about walnuts and health, it makes sense to use a quality natural oil.

Keep refrigerated after opening.

What can you use Walnut oil for?
Here are some ideas:

  • Mix the oil with cream or dry sherry and use to poach chicken or fish.
  • Make a dressing of sherry or champagne vinegar, garlic, and mustard.
  • Use a little bit to toss with pasta noodles that have been cooked or drained—wonderful flavour!
  • Use a dab of walnut oil to grease pans or ramekins.
  • Drizzle some walnut oil on fruits and then grill—add to ice cream.
  • Add a few drops to potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, or carrots.
  • Brush on fish or poultry before grilling, and it will add a wonderful flavour to the entrée.

Organically grow, not certified.
The walnut farm will enter the transitions phase towards a organic certified farm in 2021.

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